It's time to stop playing small.

Show up as your true self and get the client attraction party started!

authenticity coach Chrissy sitting on couch

Start showing up as yourself, fully

You're talking about what everyone else is.

You're hiding what you want to talk about.

You're showing up like your favorite coach or creator.

You're doing the things the big accounts are, but it's still not working for you.


And it won't sunshine, until you begin to show up as YOU, not as someone else.

All those big accounts, popular creators, they're magnetic because they are authentic.

There's no magic formula other than be authentic in business to attract your clients.


You have to bring your full self to your business in order for your people to find you.

Your ideal clients don't want to work with the coach or creator you're copying. If they did, they'd go to them directly.

Your people want you. But they can't find you because you're showing up as a watered down version of someone else.


Stop watering yourself down.

We are institutionally and socially taught to play small, fit into a box, and shrink our magic.

But we're not meant to shrink.

We're meant to be ourselves and share our magic with the world.

It's time to show up as yourself, fully!

You are MAGICAL!

The world needs you just as you are.

This bundle includes:

*a Transformative masterclass that teaches about the subtle ways you're still playing small and powerful techniques to remedy them!

*a Guided Grounding Meditation to help you disconnect from the voices of others and reconnect with your inner truth

*a Downloadable guide full of Embodiment practices so you can embrace your amazing self in practical ways so you can play bigger every single day!

I am ready to show up as myself!!
authenticity coach Chrissy standing in front of brain mapping table

Hey sunshine, I'm Chrissy!

I love helping other women show up confidently and authentically as themselves!

As an Authenticity Coach, I help others remove the societal conditioning that keeps them small so they can discover who they really are.

We are each so amazing and have unique magic to share with the world. You owe it to yourself to show up for yourself.

Here's to you, it's time to play big!