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Checking out my site is proof you are ready to take the next step so celebrate that! This is actually step one already - doing your research! Congrats!!


There are several ways we can work together. Some are community based (monthly membership), some are DIY (recorded courses), and some are group or individual based. Check out the offers below and let me know if you have any questions!

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Discovery Call

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Not sure what's the best option for you or you know you want to work together one-on-one? Book a 45 minute call now!



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Make a commitment to yourself & join an amazing community

Join the community

Are you looking for a sisterhood of like-minded women?

Looking to connect in more deeply to your spirit and soul?

Interested in expanding your mind via amazing book discussions?

Want access to amazing tools to help you de-stress, reduce worry, get to know yourself, and so much more?

One-on-One Offers

Discover your true self and build a strategic action plan to build your dream life!

Monthly 1:1 Coaching Package

This 3+ month container includes the following, each month:

  • 2 calls focused on your goals
  • 1 private ceremony call
  • 1 private Reiki session
  • access to me between sessions via Voxer
  • beautiful welcome gift

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Half-day Intensive

Are you looking to get a massive jump start on your dreams?!

This offer is just that! A 4 hour jam-packed coaching session to jump start your new project or get you unstuck! You also receive 30 days of follow up Voxer access to support your progress.

Click here to submit an application to get started  and I will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule. The call will be done via Zoom and will allow for breaks.


On Your Time Offers

DIY courses, masterclasses, and guides

Do the Damn Thing Already Masterclass

90 minute recorded masterclass covering the 3 big obstacles that block you from starting, or continuing, a project

Mindfulness Guide

Enjoy 20 unique mindfulness practices to be more present in your life, calm your mind, and become more grounded.


Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Workshop

3 day workshop covering the basics of Kundalini, the benefits you may experience, and a simple but effective practice


I am extremely grateful for the coaching session I had with Chrissy. Chrissy’s warm, engaging, and compassionate approach immediately made me feel safe and connected. Chrissy asked the right questions and responded with ease after listening and watching my body language. The powerful conversation ended with me feeling confident and empowered to take actionable steps towards my dream career. Chrissy held me accountable and followed up with me to ensure I was making progress. I never imagined one conversation being the first step towards a dream career. With Chrissy’s guidance, clarity can be reached, and that is the place where transformation begins. I can’t speak highly enough of Chrissy and her desire to help others discover their dream career.

Tiffany W.

Before my session with Chrissy I didn't know what step to take next with my new business. I was stuck. Chrissy help me break all my thoughts down and put them into actionable steps. After our session I took one imperfect step towards my goal and it gave me the motivation to keep going! I ended the week having made major progress towards my goals. Chrissy helped me realize I can do this. I would recommend a session for anyone that needs help overcoming roadblocks or setbacks.

Dionna B.

I never realized what the missing piece of my spiritual healing journey was until I did Kundalini sessions with Chrissy. I have been practicing self-development and I have been on a spiritual healing path for over a decade now...I got more out of the first Kundalini session I had with Chrissy than all of my different meditations/spiritual healing sessions combined over the last few years - and that’s the truth. I was absolutely FLOORED at how much of an effect it had … I felt at ease, I felt whole, I felt safe, and I finally felt like I had created the clean slate that I needed to move forward in my business and in my life. I suffer from anxiety pretty often, and Chrissy’s Kundalini sessions are the most grounding activity I can possibly do to re-center my mind, body and soul. Chrissy is a PHENOMENAL coach and mentor - she truly speaks to your SOUL. She listens, she cares, and she knows EXACTLY what you need in order to let go of whatever is weighing you down so you can move forward and show up fully in your life and your dream vision. If you truly care about healing your mind, body and soul in order to live the most amazing life imaginable, then a Kundalini session with Chrissy is an absolute MUST. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice by passing this up! I love you Chrissy!!!

Amanda M.

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