You're ready for more:
more visibility, more growth, more authenticity.

More magic.

Visibility Primer


90 minute coaching + experiential healing session

Quiet those doubts running rampant in your mind and show up more naturally on social media without the brain freeze + loss of words


In this session, we will cover

  • the limiting beliefs stopping you from showing up
  • the outdated ideas of professionalism that block your authenticity
  • potential strategies that feel fun + less stressful

so you can actually show up and enjoy it!

(or at least not hate it!)


Remove those buggery old beliefs today!

Visibility Block Clearing Session


75 minute session to shift energy through drawing + intuitive movement

Energy healing infused creative arts sessions

A combination of powerful energy healing infused with creative, body-based movement.

During these personalized sessions, we will open the energy channels of your magic to unleash and release self limiting beliefs and stagnant energy blocks so you can get in touch with the most purely expressed, authentic version of yourself.

Unlock your creative channel through movement and obliterate fears once and for all!!

Say goodbye to that stagnant energy today!

Empowered Visibility

From $3300

3 - 6 month 1-on-1 support to fully transform your mindset, energetically clear fears + unhelpful behaviors, and create a ROBUST visibility strategy

Stop relying on an algorithm, a hope & a prayer, and following someone else's framework. It's time to build something uniquely you. 

  • First, let's remove those "shoulds" and "well this is working for so-and-so" and get to the core of who you are
  • Energetically clear those limiting beliefs, those labels + ideas keeping you small
  • Figure out what you want to be, how you want to show up, and go out and do it! (without freaking out your nervous system!)
  • EXPERIMENT!!! You will hone your experimentation mindset to try different strategies and embracing the idea that you get to have fun while working!
  • Be fully supported with a kickoff day, calls, and Voxer support to for accountability, cheerleading, tough love, and celebrations!
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Am I the right coach for you?


If you're an ambitious woman entrepreneur looking to change the world in some way, then there's a strong possibility!


I work with personal brands, artists, coaches, makers, healers, and service providers who are willing to take radical responsibility for their desires.


Coming home to yourself, becoming more authentic, and bringing that into your business while you grow your visibility is not an easy journey.


It requires dedication to self, ownership of your beliefs + actions, and a willingness to release that white knuckle grip and try something new.


If that sounds like your style, let's connect!


Complete a "Contact Us" form on this site or shoot me a DM on Instagram!

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