Queen of Sales

Are you ready to master sales and own yourself fully and proudly?

Grab this workshop recording to embody + embrace your Queen of Sales!

I'm a Queen!

Sales doesn't have to feel gross or sleazy.


Sales is inherently neutral. It's all a mindset.

I'm here to tell you those negative, belittling beliefs...are lies.


You know your offer is amazing

(if people would just buy it!)


And you know another strategy, daily affirmations, and forcing yourself to show up are not going to solve your problem.


Identifying your Queen of Sales persona and embodying that WILL.

Queens have power.

Sales increase power.

Therefore, queens sell.


In this workshop, you'll:


πŸ‘‘ Learn what sales really is and how to fall in love with the selling process

πŸ‘‘ Discover your Queen of Sales avatar and how to maximize your impact and income by showing up confidently

πŸ‘‘ Identify and dismantle those buggery old beliefs that are draining your sales power

πŸ‘‘ Truly embody what it feels like to be a Queen of Sales

πŸ‘‘ Create aligned strategies to show up + sell that feel good AND make you money

Chrissy standing in dark blue dress in field looking over shoulder

Why is THIS workshop different (betterπŸ˜‰) than every other sales class you've been to?


Well, for one, it's an interactive workshop, not a lecture style masterclass.


Two, you'll actually learn something new. It's not 30 minutes of fluff before a sales pitch. (There is a sales pitch at the end, to be clear, but even without that, you'll walk away feeling better about sales!)

And three, this is the first time you get to imagine and embody what it means to you to master sales and own yourself fully + confidently!

You are a

Queen of Sales.

I'm in; let's go!