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Visibility Primer

Quiet those doubts running rampant in your mind and show up more naturally on social media without the brain freeze + loss of words

I know it can be scary to go live or to put your face on stories.

It's way easier to re-share a popular post or reel than to actually talk on your stories or show a pic of your face.

"What happens if I forget what I want to say when I'm live?"

"What if my kids scream in the background or my dogs bark? They'll think I'm unprofessional!"

"No one actually cares what I have to say. They won't listen to me."

But you'll never ditch this fear or self doubt if you don't address it.

You can't ignore it out of existence.

You also know how important it is to show up in your business!

  • It builds credibility and increases that know, like, and trust factor.
  • People like to buy from brands they know about.
  • Video content has a higher conversion rate than written content alone.

What you need is to:

  1. Address those fears and transform that self doubt into self belief
  2. Create an intentional strategy to get an ROI on your actions
  3. Show up with confidence and make sales easily

In this session, we will cover

  • the limiting beliefs stopping you from showing up
  • the outdated ideas of professionalism that block your authenticity
  • potential strategies that feel fun + less stressful

so you can  actually show up and enjoy it!

(or at least not hate it!)

No more feeling like a failure if you have a brain fart, forget an example you wanted to include, or if no one joins you live.

This Visibility Primer will help you write new beliefs that support your vision + goals.

This 90 minute experience will have you identifying and OBLITERATING those old blocks with power and confidence!

What People Are Saying:

She helped me to see that I have a lot to offer my Clients and need to celebrate that more! Working with Chrissy today allowed me to feel at peace with what I have to give the world, and I will be forever grateful for that. Anyone who works with her is lucky to be in her energy.