Authenticity + Power Based Coaching Offers

You come first. Before the strategy, before the tasks.

You come first. No more allowing those limiting beliefs, old stories, or societal conditioning to hold you back.

Breakthrough to Confidence Intensive

Identify and break through the limiting beliefs + self sabotaging behaviors so you can show up confidently in your business

You've tried all the strategies, possibly even hired some lead gen experts, but it's still not working.

Business still isn't booming and you're tired of trying all the things.

It's not the strategy, sunshine.

The strategies don't matter if you don't believe in yourself and your offers.

It's time to...

*Remove the old, outdated conditioning so you can discover who you truly are

*Break the hold those beliefs + self sabotaging behaviors have on you so you can create new ones that support your vision

*Find and build that confidence + self assurance so you can show up naturally and easily on social media + in your business overall

This 2 hour deep dive  will have you identifying and OBLITERATING those old blocks with power and confidence!

Yes, I need this!

Authentic Visibility Planning

Find your authentic visibility & marketing voice and create a robust strategy to increase your influence, impact, and income

You've done it everyone else's way...

Now it's time to do it yours.

To discover how you want to show up, decide what feels really juicy and then create a sustainable structure and process to make it happen

It's about creating a strategy to engage, share, and interact with your community that lights you the f*ck up!

Let's bring your vision to life.

We'll tap into your unique vision so we can create a strategy that supports it.

You are a force to be reckoned with; a life and world changing woman.

It's time to create something new, different, and fully you.

So you can show up confidently. Interact and engage from a place of empowered leadership. Create the impact, influence, and income you desire.


3 hour Zoom session

2 weeks of Voxer implementation support

Authentically You.

Discover and cultivate your authentic as fuck self, brand, confidence and strategy so you can stand out online, attract dream clients and become known for what you do

Because you come first. Period.

You've done all the different things.

But they aren't working.

Ya know why?


What's your vision?
Who do you want to be?
What's the next version of you?

That all comes first. Before the strategy, before the mundane shit.

You have to be crystal.freaking.clear on what you want and then show up and go after it.

My specialized "You First" approach will get you there.

Click photo for more details and embrace the inner power craving to come out!

What clients have to say...

Chrissy was beyond helpful. I came to her feeling lost & overwhelmed in my business, and I came out of the session with so much confidence and useful information & resources I couldn't wait to implement right away!

Anh H.

I recently had a coaching session with Chrissy. I had been feeling overwhelmed due to a few business related issues I wasn’t able to resolve on my own, especially being an entrepreneur with family and a full time job. Immediately when the session started Chrissy made me feel very comfortable and at ease, her energy was so calming and balanced. She patiently listened to all my concerns regarding my business. She then focused on each individual issue and patiently spent some time to dig deeper and suggested options that I didn’t even think of previously. At the end of the session all the issues were discussed thoroughly and I felt lighter, happier and definitely no longer overwhelmed. It was such a valuable session, and worth more than any money in the world. Working with Chrissy had given me a new perspective on a few areas of my business and I’d recommend her to anyone out there who needs the extra guidance, especially for solo entrepreneurs like myself who sometimes lose their way in the daily craziness of running a business on their own. Chrissy is your person to get you out of that uncomfortable place and help you breathe again. Thank you Chrissy, you are amazing!.

Pinta K.

Chrissy is full of life and you can’t help but smile when she guides and encourages you to express your inner truth. She sacredly holds you in your vulnerability, even when you are doubting yourself she sees your potential and gifts. She is a beautiful light in this world that is deeply needed.

Victoria A.

I am extremely grateful for the coaching session I had with Chrissy. Chrissy’s warm, engaging, and compassionate approach immediately made me feel safe and connected. Chrissy asked the right questions and responded with ease after listening and watching my body language. The powerful conversation ended with me feeling confident and empowered to take actionable steps towards my dream career. Chrissy held me accountable and followed up with me to ensure I was making progress. I never imagined one conversation being the first step towards a dream career. With Chrissy’s guidance, clarity can be reached, and that is the place where transformation begins. I can’t speak highly enough of Chrissy and her desire to help others discover their dream career.

Tiffany W.

I never realized what the missing piece of my spiritual healing journey was until I did Kundalini sessions with Chrissy. I have been practicing self-development and I have been on a spiritual healing path for over a decade now...I got more out of the first Kundalini session I had with Chrissy than all of my different meditations/spiritual healing sessions combined over the last few years - and that’s the truth. I was absolutely FLOORED at how much of an effect it had … I felt at ease, I felt whole, I felt safe, and I finally felt like I had created the clean slate that I needed to move forward in my business and in my life. I suffer from anxiety pretty often, and Chrissy’s Kundalini sessions are the most grounding activity I can possibly do to re-center my mind, body and soul. Chrissy is a PHENOMENAL coach and mentor - she truly speaks to your SOUL. She listens, she cares, and she knows EXACTLY what you need in order to let go of whatever is weighing you down so you can move forward and show up fully in your life and your dream vision. If you truly care about healing your mind, body and soul in order to live the most amazing life imaginable, then a Kundalini session with Chrissy is an absolute MUST. You would be doing yourself a huge disservice by passing this up! I love you Chrissy!!!

Amanda M.

Before my session with Chrissy I didn't know what step to take next with my new business. I was stuck. Chrissy help me break all my thoughts down and put them into actionable steps. After our session I took one imperfect step towards my goal and it gave me the motivation to keep going! I ended the week having made major progress towards my goals. Chrissy helped me realize I can do this. I would recommend a session for anyone that needs help overcoming roadblocks or setbacks.

Dionna B.