You are good. Period. End of story

Mar 01, 2021
Happy weekend!
I hope you are able to do exactly what you want this weekend, whether that's relaxing, completing projects, or dancing in the rain!
I was fortunate enough Tuesday night to be one of four women interviewed who pivoted industries and began their own businesses during the 2020 shutdown. It was a quick 10-minute interview inside a FB group for women entrepreneurs but it made a big impact on me.
You see, I'm really proud of what I've built these last six months. Like, REALLY proud! But I've also been forgetting to celebrate every single win. I've been forgetting to do one of the big things I tell my clients to do!
I made a huge decision to leave the industry I had grown a strong reputation in the past six years and start a business in coaching. That's a really big deal! And normally that's something that's top of mind every day for me.
In the past few weeks though, I've been feeling like a failure. You see, I'm doing some consulting work in the hospitality industry right now and I spent 22 hours last week on that, instead of the 6-8 I had committed. I felt ashamed that I hadn't put that time into growing my own business, reaching out to new clients to offer sample sessions or the other million things I could be doing. I kept going down the spiral.
Then Tuesday night, I had the chance to share a bit of my story. I talked about how I got started, what it felt like, what some of my big wins have been, and how it felt to sign my first client. And just thinking about those things brought me out of the spiral. I felt AMAZING! I went on IG stories and talked about the interview and how I was going to go live later in the week to tell my story and to share how transformation is possible.
Then I woke up Wednesday morning to a phone call from one of the hotels I'm helping and immediately rushed into consulting mode. I didn't journal or spend time in gratitude, I didn't snuggle my bubbas (critical morning activity), and I didn't spend time alone, in silence, just being.
It felt like it was 2016 all over again. It felt like I was a hotel employee without any other goals or dreams or priorities. And I felt even more ashamed. And I spiraled.
Thursday night, I talked to a fellow coach, a girl who has become a sounding board for me the past few months, and I realized SHIT HAPPENS. I could let this 22 hour week pull me down and make me feel ashamed and disappointed and be the gateway to the dark spiral, OR I could stop, think about it, and pivot.
I'm excellent at pivoting. I pivoted during a global pandemic to leave an industry I knew to start something I had never done before in an online space where I hadn't had a strong personal presence ever before. And I'm succeeding. I'm helping people wake up to what they want in life, overcome their own limiting beliefs, and stand tall in their own power.
So what's my point?
My point is that life happens. For me, this was an opportunity to strengthen and better define my boundaries and priorities. It was a reminder of how far I have come and how badly I never want to go back.
If you're struggling with something right now, whatever it is, spend a few minutes thinking about where you were five years ago. If it's a job you can't stand, how much have you grown in the past five years? If it's battling health conditions, how much have you improved in the past five years?
And if that doesn't help, if recognizing and celebrating your own success doesn't help, talk to a friend. Share what you're going through and ask for their perspective.
No matter what, you are GOOD.
No matter what, you deserve to stop the spiral.