What if I can't "surrender"?

Oct 25, 2020

 Ever feel like life is going 1000 miles a minute and you can barely hang on for dear life? But in a really good way?

That sounds impossible, but I liken it to the week leading up to graduation or your wedding. There are a million things going on (finals, administrative work, picking up the tux rentals, and wedding bands), but it’s all really really good!

That's what the last week has been for me. The two weeks prior I had been having some major issues with accepting help from the universe, even though I was trying. Like really trying. But I was trying too hard. I was trying to force myself to be totally open without really understanding what that meant.

Then last weekend, I finally understood. "Surrendering" or "releasing" control doesn't make sense to me; the words and the connotations just do not compute into something plausible for me. But, once I began to understand that the universe is my friend and is there to support me, I was able to loosen my grip. I know, from personal experience, that life does not follow a narrow linear path from A to B. But dammit if I wasn't going to try. 

We are divine creatures having human experiences. We are humans. We are imperfect. We are not omniscient. We must allow space for the divine to step in. And I have never seen that more clearly than while building this business. 

Are you struggling with something right now that just is not working the way you think it should?

Are you struggling with a relationship that isn't as smooth as you'd like it to be?

Are you constantly pushing a square peg into a round hole?

Friend! I am here to remind you that you are not alone. You do not have to rely solely on yourself. Ask the Universe/God/source/the sun/whatever to help you achieve your goal. And then BACK UP AND GIVE IT SPACE. 

You cannot do this alone. I don't mean that in a disempowering way. I mean it truthfully. Human beings are not made to go it alone in life. So stop thinking that way. Find yourself a support system, an amazing coach (wink wink!), and talk to the universe or your spirit guides or guardian angel or God or inner goddess. 

I won't tell you to surrender or let go of the tight-ass grip you have, but I will tell you it's a weight lifted off your shoulders if you just allow a bit of space for the divine to step in on your behalf. I feel like I grew 2 inches this past week because I've been able to stand up tall rather than carry this imaginary world on my shoulders. 

So ask for that help today my friend, and let the universe know how it can assist this week. As always, I'm here for support.