There has been a lot going on. Have you felt it too?

Sep 08, 2021

How have you been feeling the past few weeks? There have been so many cosmic changes affecting the overall energy and impacting all of us. There have also been some major changes to our society the past month, which I know I've been feeling the impacts of. I hope you are taking time for yourself in these days to center and be gentle with yourself.

I know I've been having a rough few weeks. A lot of ego talk has come up; you know, those nasty voices telling me I'm not doing enough, I'm not far enough along in this business, that I'm never gonna make it. It's been crappy and I've been sitting in it.

I haven't been using the tools I have like meditation, journaling, kundalini, talking to friends, or anything. I've been sulking and bitching and moaning. And that was okay for a few days, but as I continued to stew in it, I realized that I was blocking my own path. (I shared a live video talking more about this yesterday. Check it out here if you're interested.)

You see, you can absolutely sit in the ick. In fact, I recommend it sometimes. You need to feel all your feelings, not just the good ones. Sitting in it allows you to fell those feelings so you can process and move through them. HOWEVER, when you sit in it for too long, that's when you start to extend the cycle and you actually stop moving through it.

So, what are you doing to move through what you're working on right now? Are you moving through anything or are you sitting in the ick too?

I encourage you to be honest with yourself. If you're just sitting in it because it's scary to move through it, that's cool. You are human! Remember though, growth only exists outside your comfort zone. So stay there if you need to feel the feelings some more. But if you're sitting in it because the known shittiness is more comfortable than the unknown, take this as your sign that you're ready to pick yourself up, hold your head high, and march forward. Because you can take on whatever is coming. You can conquer whatever's on the other side.

And if you want support on your journey, join the Commitment to Self membership. Our ceremony call is next Tuesday, Sep 14 and I'll be guiding you through a meditation to activate your chakras. Our book of the month is You Are A Goddess by Sophie Bashford and our discussion call is Sep 30. I'm also incorporating Reiki into the ceremony call this month so that's extra healing energy for you.

If you're looking for more one-on-one guidance and support, I've got 1 more spot open for coaching. Click the link below or message me for details.

I see you sweet sunshine. I see the strength you have, the power you're holding within. Trust in yourself and let that out.

All the love and light,