The Power of Small Change

Mar 14, 2021

Good morning beautiful soul!

It finally feels like spring is here in most of the country and I hope you are enjoying this gorgeous weather! We spring our clocks forward this weekend so we're about to get more sun in our days too! This is one of my favorite weekends each year because of that - it always feels like the beginning of spring no matter the temperatures outside.

 I  wanted to send a note today about the power of small change. I went live on IG this week to talk about this a bit and it's been on my mind all week.

So many of us think about change as something big and scary and something to avoid if we can. There's so much emphasis on tradition and the status quo, so it makes sense that we aren't wired to love change. If we go back to our Neanderthal days, change quite literally meant death. That cell memory is still hard-coded in us.

The thing is though, that change can be beautiful and easy and smooth.  Plus, we change every day. From our cells dying and regenerating daily to changing our outfits, make-up, hairstyles, and so much more, we are always changing. We need to celebrate those small changes and stop focusing so much on only celebrating and honoring the big public changes.


Real, life-lasting change comes from small changes. That's the only sustainable way to change really. Whatever it is we're working towards - a job promotion,  growing a new business, moving, cleaning the whole house - we want it to be here lickity-split. So we think we need to make big massive changes to shorten the journey.

Sorry sunshine, but that doesn't work most of the time. See - if we focus only on big moves, it's a whole lot harder to get started. Those big steps take more time, more energy, more focus, and as such, are so much easier to postpone or not prioritize. Take a look at this picture. It's much more difficult to get started if the very first step is a big reach. We do this to ourselves ALL THE TIME.

Okay, so what do you do?

To make big changes in your life, you need to take small SUPER attainable steps. And I mean, SUPER small and SUPER attainable.

For example: if your big goal this year is to love your body and one of the ways you are focused on is to move your body more, then an action step may be to add 30 minutes of exercise to your day. Yes, you can make those 30 minutes a priority but can you do that every single day?

Instead of 30 minutes, make that smaller. Focus on adding 3 minutes of movement a day. (I know, you're thinking "But Chris, I can 100% do more than 3  minutes!" That's great, but follow me here.)

If you can add 3 minutes of movement to your day - in the shower, brushing your teeth, doing the dishes - you can probably add multiple sets of 3  minutes to your day. Right?

In addition to smaller steps being easier to fit into our busy days, we can also achieve more of them. By adding more successes to our stories,  we begin to rewrite any old beliefs that aren't serving us. We begin to stack the odds FOR us, not against us.

Would you feel more accomplished if you checked off 15 or 3 things on your list each day? 15 right? So by creating small action steps, we're able to prioritize them and fit them more easily into our days, stay motivated because we achieve them more easily than big scary steps, and also fill our success tank.


It may seem counterintuitive because of how we're raised and taught to think about change and progress, but I encourage you to try this new method out for a week.

Take every project you're working on and break down each step into smaller action items. When you complete each one, put a tally mark on a sheet of paper or your phone. Watch those tally marks pile up and feel your confidence grow. You're building your confidence muscle and your success record. THAT is the basis of sustainable, lifelong change.

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