Give yourself freedom to be a human

Dec 20, 2020
How are you doing this season? Are you taking care of yourself?
We are closing out this crazy year in a few short weeks and you may be contemplating your 2021 goals. Even with the vaccines coming, we do not know what next year will look like. Will we be able to travel freely in the spring or not til fall? Will the holidays look more normal next year or are they changed forever?
There are so many thoughts swirling around, and so much energy movement in the universe, that it may be hard to keep it all straight.
I encourage you to release as much as possible in the next few weeks. Do not tighten your hold trying to control the holidays, the end-of-year work stress, the kids' school calendars, and prepping for a brand new 2021.
This is our chance to set new boundaries and expectations for, and of, ourselves. Set that expectation for yourself to be human - to have flaws and still be magnificent. Set the boundary that you take time for yourself each day, even just 5 minutes, away from the hustle and bustle of life's responsibilities.
Take the next few weeks to really celebrate your successes this year and to share the love. And, if you're feeling ambitious or excited, schedule a 2021 planning session with me! We'll dive into your big vision for next year and how you can make it happen!