Are you ready for this? (cue music...)

Feb 16, 2021
Hello, there beautiful soul!
How have you been lately? What's going on with you? (Honestly, reply back and let me know because I'd love to know more about your life!)
Consider this your Wednesday morning philosophical cheerleader wake-up call!
Today I want to remind you that you only get one life to live.
I know, not what you want to hear first thing:)
But, it's true. Even if you subscribe to reincarnation and the possibility of multiple lives for your soul, you still only get to live this particular life once.
So the question begs - what are you doing with it?
Are you answering your soul's calling? Are you learning and embodying the lessons you need to?
Or are you ignoring all of that and just kinda chillin' here till you die?
Don't get me wrong - I was definitely just chillin' for a while. You know, going along with the status quo and thinking that maybe I just needed to increase the strength of my antidepressant, or just eat better and exercise more, or, worse yet, just drink more and eat more shitty food. Right? Because numbing the pain and misery is the same as working through it - I mean, either way, you don't have to deal with it anymore.
"But Chrissy, chill, there's definitely a more rational in-between answer. Don't be nuts."
Yeah, I can see that being your response. And that's totally cool!
But it's wrong. :)
Because you see, we're either living or we're dying. Because if we aren't following our calling or our passion or our purpose and we're just chillin'
then what in the hell are we doing for the 70+ years we're on this rock that's hurtling through space?
Even if you subscribe to the belief that there is no higher power, no God, no nothing, even then, you have to think there's some reason we're here, no?
There's some point to the atoms creating bodies on this planet at this time with other creatures. Right?
So my question stands - what are you doing with your life?
And if you aren't doing anything, if you are just hurtling through space aimlessly... then what are you going to do about that?