The Soulfully Strategic Entrepreneurship Podcast discusses all things holistic entrepreneurship - the strategy behind creating impactful + aligned businesses, mindset and belief shifting, and embodying the CEO energy.


There are three types of episodes; interviews with amazing entrepreneurs and those who support them, trainings by myself and guest experts, and soap boxes. The soap boxes will be my take on current business trends, issues in the coaching or healing industries, etc.

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#32 - How Can You Actually, Successfully Build an Authentic Personal Brand?

In today's world, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle. With so many people vying for attention, it is hard to stand out. But what if you were able to create a brand that was completely your own? A brand that represented you and your unique voice? If you want to learn how to successfully actually build an authentic personal brand, then this episode’s for you.


Personal brand strategist Rachel Lee joins us today to discuss how she used a blank Google document with 1 simple question at the top to discover her truth, her ideal brand, and how she wanted to run her business in 2022.


In today's episode, Rachel and I discuss:

  • how important it is to be authentic and what that actually means
  • the potential consequences to yourself and your business of being inauthentic
  • tips + strategies on how to actually build an authentic personal brand that feels like you and attracts your ideal clients

#31 - There's No Such Thing as "Ready"

Do you feel completely ready to do the thing you want to do? The thing that's going to move the needle towards your goal?

Or are the fears and self doubt running the show and preventing you from actually taking action?

In today's episode, we discuss this nonsense myth that says you have to be 1000% ready BEFORE you do the thing. Whatever that thing is - showing up and being visible in your business, launching a new offer, or pitching yourself for a new opportunity. 

Seriously, it's not about being COMPLETELY READY or FULLY CONFIDENT.

So what is it about, then? If it doesn't require readiness beyond the shadow of a doubt, what does it require?

It requires the desire to do the damn thing. That desire needs to be greater than the fear that comes with it. That's it. That's as simple as it really is.

No worries sunshine, I also give you a 3 step practical application so you can take this simple truth and actually implement it. Tune in now for all the juicy details!


#30 - Launching without the Emotional Roller coaster

Do you dread launching a new service or offer?

When you think of having to launch, do you flash back to previous failures where no one responded, engaged, or signed up?

Do you get so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff that needs to get done for a new offer that you just don't create it?

After all, if you never create something new, you don't actually have to launch it, right?!

Luckily for you, and your clients waiting for that perfect offer to solve their problem, industry disrupter Sarah Hunter joins us today to discuss how you can Get Off That Launch Roller Coaster and Tame the Launch Scaries!

In this week's episode, Sarah shares with us:

  • How to tame the "Launch Scaries"
  • Whether you need to be high vibe 24/7 to launch
  • How to move your energy to align with your goals

#29 - Messaging Cannot Guarantee Success. Stop Forcing It To.

What do perfectionism, procrastination, and writer's block have in common?

They are indicators of deeply held fears of rejection and failure for many entrepreneurs. 

When you struggle to write a piece of content for your business thinking that it "has to be perfect" or has to be the single piece of content that convinces someone to do something; you are putting far too much stress on that one piece of content and assuming far too much responsibility. 

In this week's episode, I cover:

  • how perfectionism and procrastination are indicators of deeply held fears and why awareness matters
  • the division of responsibility when it comes to content and messaging
  • how to actively work through those fears and show up in your business

#28 - Optimize Your Visibility Strategy by Harmonizing Your Energies

Are you struggling with energy management in your business? Do you feel resistance around showing up and being visible too?

Or, even more frustrating for many entrepreneurs is when they do show up and still don't get the results they want.

If any of these hit home for you, this episode's for you.

In this episode, I cover the:

  • Top 2 mindset keys to keep in mind while allowing your feminine energy to flow in its magical glory
  • Top 3 tips to boost your feminine energy and keep it alive during the moments of frustration
  • Most important thing to remember when it comes to the masculine strategy of visibility

That top line of marketing; the getting eyes on your business part, requires harmony of all your energies. Focusing strictly on the masculine structures and to-dos or focusing only on the feminine art of receiving will not help you achieve the goals you have. Harmonizing the two, however, will change the entire game.

#27 - The Path to Authentic Leadership: How to Find Your Truth with Sara Czepczynski

What is authentic leadership and how can you actually show up as you in that role?

As entrepreneurs, we know we're leaders and experts in our fields, but how do you actually display that leadership while being true to yourself?

It's not about being the next Tony Robbins, Oprah, or insert-your-fave-creator-here. It's about showing up as yourself and exuding the expert industry leader vibes you have.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • what authentic leadership actually is
  • the #1 key to identifying what your leadership style is
  • how to prioritize goals so your authentic leadership stays true to you

plus so much more around being human, being a leader, and loving the messy journey that gets to be!

#26 - Entrepreneurship is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme

Becoming an entrepreneur is not about finding the perfect get-rich-quick scheme.

It's a lifestyle, a way of life that is not for the faint of heart. The journey of entrepreneurship will show you allll the pieces of yourself if you let it; the beautiful and shining to the mundane to the downright hidden-for-a-reason.

It's not about becoming rich, copying others, or being trendy. It's about coming home to who you are and shedding the conditioning that keeps you small.

#25 - Get Unstuck By Moving Your Body

Finding your path to success is hard enough without any obstacles.

But life has a funny way of throwing them our way. Struggling with indecision and confusion? Allow your inner artist to guide you back on the right path. 

We often think that the answer to a problem we’re facing is outside of us. Decades of psychological research point to the opposite conclusion: The healing and answers we are seeking are within us. 

In today's episode, I share with you:

  • the power of Expressive Arts (and what that even is!)
  • how body-based work can be more powerful than journaling or chatting with a biz bestie
  • some suggestions and tips on optimizing your expressive arts session

#24 - How to Overcome Visibility Fatigue

You've been showing up, making new connections, doing everything you can think of to get more eyes on your business and it's just... not working.

You're tired. You're frustrated. You're upset and feeling defeated.

How do you keep going? Because you know you need to, you know visibility is a foundational piece of business growth.

Visibility fatigue is real. It's also completely possible to handle it and work through it!

In this week's episode, I cover:

  • the causes of visibility fatigue
  • the 4 best tips to combat it so you can get back to getting out there!

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