The Soulfully Strategic Entrepreneurship Podcast discusses all things holistic entrepreneurship - the strategy behind creating impactful + aligned businesses, mindset and belief shifting, and embodying the CEO energy.


There are three types of episodes; interviews with amazing entrepreneurs and those who support them, trainings by myself and guest experts, and soap boxes. The soap boxes will be my take on current business trends, issues in the coaching or healing industries, etc.

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#24 - How to Overcome Visibility Fatigue

You've been showing up, making new connections, doing everything you can think of to get more eyes on your business and it's just... not working.

You're tired. You're frustrated. You're upset and feeling defeated.

How do you keep going? Because you know you need to, you know visibility is a foundational piece of business growth.

Visibility fatigue is real. It's also completely possible to handle it and work through it!

In this week's episode, I cover:

  • the causes of visibility fatigue
  • the 4 best tips to combat it so you can get back to getting out there!

#23 - Confidence + Boundaries: The Interplay of Success

Do you have the confidence in yourself to create boundaries that support your desires in life?

Did you know you can actually use boundaries to bolster your confidence as well?

There is a distinct interplay here. Creating boundaries for yourself and taking a more active leadership role in your life have an impact on your self worth and confidence.

In this week's episode, I discuss:

  • how to be confident enough to create, maintain, and adjust boundaries
  • how well-thought out and implemented boundaries can bolster your confidence
  • the important concept of what a boundary actually is - hint! it's not a punishment or act of control!

#22 - Create Magnetic Offers WITHOUT the Overwhelm

There is so much that needs to be done when creating a new offer in business. Right?

What if I told you that WASN'T the case?

What if I told you it is completely possible to create an offer without the overwhelm, without the stress, and without the fears?

In this week's episode, I discuss:

  • the 2 guiding principles of peaceful (+fun!) offer creation
  • the 3 requirements for really amazing, magnetic offers that sell
  • how an errant umbrella spoke can throw you off course (Listen to the full episode for this analogy - it's a good one!)

#21 - Prioritizing Yourself in the Chaos of Life

Self prioritization is one of the hardest things for people, especially women entrepreneurs, to implement.

That's where this conversation comes in. My dear friend Amerdeep and I have a casual, and very real, conversation about prioritizing ourselves in the face of debilitating health concerns, growing businesses, and being human beings.

Join us as we talk about the tools we use, the struggles that are still present, and learn how you can advocate for yourself to yourself and begin (or continue) to prioritize yourself above all else. And, perhaps most importantly, why you need to do so.

#20 - Messy Glory of Liminal Space

When's the last time you were in a liminal space?

The beautiful, and sometimes dreaded, liminal space - that transition space between what was and what is going to be.

We've all been there and maybe you're there now. As ever-evolving creatures of chaos, you'll be in liminal spaces quite often. It's a transition period which can happen in your personal and professional life at any evolution.

In this week's episode, I discuss

  • the liminal space I've been in this past summer and some of the ways you know you're in a similar transition period
  • people pleasing, and more importantly, how you can people please past versions of yourself
  • how to best utilize two key aspects of liminal space so it doesn't feel quite so ... uncomfortable

#19 - Confidence, Authenticity, and Soul Integrity Juiciness

You want a juicy life, right?

You want to feel confident in your business and actually like how you show up online, right?

We're past the point of shitty marketing tactics, aggressive bro marketing, or passive "divine timing will make it happen" business ownership.

Now is the time for authentic leaders to step up and own their amazing weirdness, to use that unique power to grow their business, and to ohh heeeyyyy build businesses that support their real desires!

In this week's episode, I cover how to :

  • Uncover your authentic voice from the muck of societal conditioning and programming
  • Increase your confidence
  • Become the leader you want to see in this world

#18 - Permission Slips, Juicy Flow, and Human Design

Have you given yourself permission to be turned on by your own life?

Quantum activator and success coach Nadia Gargallo joins us this week to share with us key permission slips we need to give ourselves in order to have fulfilling (and juicy!) businesses and lives.

Nadia shares some of the biggest lessons she learned in nearly 4 years of business, from being a health coach to becoming a feminine energy and human design expert.

She also shares some great insights into Human Design and how you can use your unique design for your highest good.

#17 - Top 5 Lessons Learned After 2 Years in Business

"I really thought this entrepreneur thing would be easier." Said basically every entrepreneur ever.

 To celebrate my first 2 years in business, I want to share with you the top 5 lessons I've learned so you can hopefully avoid the pitfalls and also never feel alone in this chaotic path you've chosen.

In today's episode, I share my top 5 lessons learned over two years as a solopreneur.

Creating and building a coaching business during a global pandemic, European war, possible recession, and everything in between.

#16 - Tell Imposter Syndrome to Back Off

"I can't do this! Why did I even put that offer out there? They're going to realize I'm a fraud!"

How many times have you had similar thoughts run through your brain as you started a new business, launched a new product, or even thought about pivoting?

 We've all experience Imposter Syndrome, but how do you actually kick it to the curb?

In today's episode, you'll learn:

  • What Imposter Syndrome really is (and how it can be a good sign!)
  • 3 ways to move past it without wallowing or getting stuck
  • Whether "Fake it til ya make it" advice is still good advice (hint: nope, not really!)


#15 - Successful Launches Must Have...???

Creating a strategy to launch a new offer is a hotbed of conflicting, lengthy, and generic advice.

Launching something new in general can be one of the most vulnerable situations for an entrepreneur; you are quite literally putting yourself out in the world to be rejected!! Who, in their sane mind, would choose to do that?!

In today's episode, you'll learn:

  • That you get to decide what your launch looks like, no one else
  • The 2 requirements of a launch
  • That everyone has a different launch strategy and a different launch energy
  • The importance of having an experimentation mindset


#14 - Perfectionism, Tigers, and a Regulated Nervous System

Does it feel like you're running from a tiger all the time, tripping over all the things you need to get done to be "good enough"?

Technology has evolved, our capacity for growth may have evolved, and more and more people are living in alignment with their true selves...but our nervous systems are still primitive. Which means, our bodies are literally living in a state of survival every day.

But that doesn't mean we're stuck with dis-regulated nervous systems.

In this episode, you'll discover:

  • The difference between a regulated and dis-regulated nervous system (and why you should care!)
  • The 3 states of the nervous system, according to polyvagal theory
  • How to regulate your system so it works for you

This episode is not just for entrepreneurs; regulating your nervous system is foundational to having a fulfilling and less stressed life for all humans.

#10 - FTD - It's time to build that EMPIRE.

(An extremely personal, heart felt economic call to arms episode. LOTS of swearing - you've been warned!)


It's time.

I sit here, seething with anger and trying to wrap my head around what to do. Then it hits me...keep building my business, but now it's not a business.

 It's an empire.

 It's an empire with sway that cannot be ignored, that cannot be silenced, that cannot be bound.

It's time. Who's in for the FTD Superpac?

Listen now on your favorite podcast platform!


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