Be yourself.
Authentic Visibility that feels good is possible.

Chrissy standing, one leg on a couch, smiling

Hey Sunshine!

Chrissy Mellinger here!


What do you get when you mix strategy, ambition, confidence, weird goofiness, creativity, and magic?

Chrissy Mellinger!

I'm a passionate feminist high achiever who loves helping other women step into their power and show up in their businesses and lives!

I'm here to help you show up confidently, naturally, and with ease.

(If you want to hear my whole story, check out this Soulfully strategic Entrepreneurship Podcast episode!)

I freaking get it.

I completely, deeply, and intimately understand the whole feeling of not being yourself in key areas of your life.

I spent years trying to "soften the edges" and "play by the rules" to grow my career, only to hate who I became and burn out...I'm talking take an off ocial 3 month leave of absence from said job burnout.

Now, I say f*ck it to the haters, the loudmouths shouting their "proven strategies" and to anything that doesn't feel really f*cking good.

I'm not building my empire to appeal to someone else's goals or lifestyle; I'm building it to make the world a better place and to thoroughly enjoy the journey.

I assume you started yours for the same reason, or at least a very similar one.

It's time, sweet sunshine, to take back your business and build it into something that feels authentic to you.

Visibility is about more than just showing up.

The first step is about getting to know yourself. Turn the focus from the external world to the internal one.

We'll work through what your beliefs are around how you show up, what the "shoulds" are in your head, and blast those limiting beliefs for good.

Then create an intentional strategy.

Who cares if so-and-so is spouting off how great IG lives are or how blogs are dead?!

Your strategy means absolutely nothing if you aren't committed to it. That's why I work with my clients on crafting unique + intentional strategies.

And show the f*ck up and own it.

That's where the mindset reframes, confidence boosts, and accountability partnership really comes into play!


Some factoids about me

  •  I worked in hotel revenue management for 6 years and got to run strategy for the largest non-gaming hotel in the country AND lead a beautiful beach resort in Mexico!
  • I LOVE big dogs! I have 2 Shepherd / Lab / Chow / Pittie mixes who run the show! Meet Jack (right) and Murphy (left)!
  • I used to own a bakery called Magpie Delights when I lived in Tennessee!  Cookies, cupcakes, 1 wedding cake, lemon raspberry squares, oooo boy!
  • I love traveling, exploring, and adventuring with my hubs, my doggos, and friends! Belgium has been my fave country so far, though Greece in December without crowds was heavenly!
  • If I'm not hiking, walking the dogs, or building my biz; you can find me with a good book, lying in the sun like a cat, or binging Parks & Rec or Community

"Chrissy was beyond helpful. I came to her feeling lost & overwhelmed in my business, and I came out of the session with so much confidence and useful information & resources I couldn't wait to implement right away!"



Chrissy is full of life and you can’t help but smile when she guides and encourages you to express your inner truth. She sacredly holds you in your vulnerability, even when you are doubting yourself she sees your potential and gifts. She is a beautiful light in this world that is deeply needed."


Is Authentic Visibility Coaching right for you?


 Are you tired of hoping + praying the damn algorithms are going to work in your favor?


Are you fed up with not feeling heard, but don't know how to grow your brand presence?


Are you struggling to show up confidently and naturally, as yourself, in your business?


Most importantly, are you ready to change your beliefs, habits, and try something new?!

Commit to a new direction today.

The world needs your magic and you deserve to share it.

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