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9 self care techniques
9 subject experts to guide you
8 days of caring for yourself
1-2 hours a day of prioritizing yourself
1 complete re-alignment of your life


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prioritize yourself,
learn new healing and growth modalities,
receive and participate in demonstrations of new skills,
expand and enhance your current toolkit.


This virtual event ran from November 13 to November 20, 2021.

8 days of expert led sessions
9 amazing leaders
9 life changing techniques

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This event includes 9 different self care practices, complete with training, explanation, and even demonstration!

Learn all about:

Expressive Arts
Reiki Healing
Kundalini Yoga
Manifesting Your Soulmate
Mala Creation & Usage
Tarot & the Akasha
Re-Aligning with Your Values
Hormone Health & Nutritional Cycle Alignment

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*You want to learn how to live in alignment with where you're going, all from the comfort of your home

*You want to learn more ways to care for yourself and expand your life

*You want to meet other amazing people and learn from 9 fabulous women

*You know you're worthy of prioritizing yourself and your dreams

*You want to bank some self care ideas before the holiday season starts

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Check out our amazing leaders for this event

Kelsey is an Empowerment Coach who helps women stranded in people pleaser mode reclaim themselves to live their most empowered life by making themselves the priority! 

In the first year of her teaching career, she found herself falling victim to the expectations her family, friends, and coworkers were placing upon her and as a result ultimately neglected herself.  

Once realizing that this was not how life was meant to be lived, Kelsey took action on her own self development journey. Through this journey Kelsey realized how many other women, especially those in service based careers had fallen victim to the same.  

Given Kelsey became so passionate about finding her joy in this world, it became her mission to provide the tools and strategies to other women to ignite their bliss and feel passionate about every aspect of their lives. 

Kelsey is leading a session on Re-Aligning with Your Values! 

Learn more about Kelsey

Stefanie is a certified advanced Akashic Records practitioner and Tarot card reader. Stefanie was raised in northwest Pennsylvania and graduated from Kent State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She moved to Nashville in 2011 and lived there until returning to her hometown in 2017.

Stefanie practiced Tarot for several years as she deepened her connection to her higher self and Source Energy. Her path led her to the discover the Akashic Records, where she quickly deepened her soul connections and pursued education and training.

In her spare time, Stefanie enjoys adventuring with her young children and enjoying the serene joy of living in her small community.

Stefanie is leading a session on Tarot & Akashic Records!

Learn more about Stefanie

Victoria is an Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach and Certified Human Design Practitioner. She helps busy women align their menstrual cycles and balance hormones to improve mood, energy, and quality of life. She believes that when women reclaim the sovereignty of their health and use their cyclical rhythm to live, work, and lead, life will flow with more ease, harmony, and alignment. 

Victoria is also a wife and mom of two beautiful young girls living in sunny Florida. When she is not watching movies or being outdoors with her family, you can find her reading a book, meditating, or experimenting with her Human Design. 

Victoria is leading a session on Hormone Health & Nutritional Cycle Alignment!  

Learn more about Victoria

Alyssa began her purpose work in 2018 with the start of Integrative Wellness Journeys. Alyssa is passionate about serving others with holistic tools for anxiety, pain, and feeling disconnected from their inner guidance.

Alyssa is an Exercise Physiologist, Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Health Coach, and Professor who brings a wealth of information and resources to her programs and services. She loves to teach and have fun while integrating important tools for a personal transformation journey.

As a mom of 2 boys, she knows the challenges of being a caregiver while also growing and supporting a business.

Through her own history with anxiety, perfectionism, and burnout, plus 14 years experience in health and wellness, clinical research, and higher education, she helps others find balance in all aspects of their wellness.

Alyssa is leading a session on Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki!

Learn more about Alyssa

Anushri is your best friend! She helps single women ditch the dating drama to find their Soulmate.

After years of miserably swiping on dating apps, Anushri looked within and realized she could conquer her dating life, but first had to love herself.

Since then, Anushri has created her own blueprint for dating and has really stepped into her own power. Now she helps other women do the same!

Anushri is leading a session on Manifesting Your Soulmate: Catch Red Flags Early!

Learn more about Anushri

Tiffany is a colourful medicine woman. Passionate about helping others establish a deeper connection with themselves through the breath. She regularly facilitates breathwork, helping her students tune into their parasympathetic nervous system, to deal with stress, release trapped emotions and unlock the conscious mind. She believes that the key to finding anything you want in life is by reconnecting with the mind and the body on a spiritual level and it's her mission to help you get there.

Tiffany is leading a session on Breathwork!

Learn more about Tiffany

Sierra is a Spiritual Abundance Coach for the goddess who is ready to create & embody cosmically aligned success in life and business. Mama of 2 conscious little beings. Crystal Shop Owner. Astrologer.

Sierra is leading a session on Kundalini Yoga!

Learn more about Sierra

Ekta wears many hats, a Montessori educator, energy healer, mediation teacher, tarot and Oracle card reader and the most important hat as a mother of 2 lovely kids.

She started her career as a Montessori adult and worked for around 5 years. Being a parent taught her a lot about herself and in the quest to be a better parent she started her spiritual journey. She is a Reiki master, Karuna Reiki Master, IET level 3 practitioner, energy medicine practitioner, tarot and oracle card reader.

She is also a mediation teacher and conducted several Mala making workshops and creates custom Malas for her clients. She is continuing her studies with her teacher Jessica Kozak.

Ekta is leading a session on Mala Creation & Usage!

Learn more about Ekta

Chrissy changed her life in 2018 when she began prioritizing her needs and desires. Since then, she has pivoted out of the demanding hotel industry to step into her true power of being an entrepreneur and coach. Chrissy has become a business activator and authentic living guide.

A certified Life Coach, Chrissy combines her Finance & Economics degrees, MBA, and project management certification with embodiment practices, mindset work, and inner healing processes to guide her clients through creating passion businesses of their own.

Chrissy believes entrepreneurship is often the path toward creating the life of your dreams.

Chrissy is leading a session on Expressive Arts!

Learn more about Chrissy
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